KCCI Interview about ‘Every Five Minutes’

Watch the KCCI interview with Mollie Cooney, Producing Artistic Director Todd Buchacker and Actor Kim Chelf-Haymes.

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Mollie: Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride. A production of “every five minutes” by Linda McLean. Thank you both for coming in. Interesting play, dark, but a comedy?

Todd: dark yes, but there is hope in it. There are clowns; you cannot get funnier than clowns. The main character is a guy who has been on a journey for the past 17 years; he has been wrongly imprisoned and tortured. He is home with his family. We see him on one night, perhaps a week after he has been released. Every five minutes refers to his mental state. Every five minutes he kind of goes someplace else. We do not know why he was imprisoned, it is not important to the story. Linda McLean wrote it with the intention, that if we can break somebody so easily using torture, what does take to put him or her back together and how can we do that?

Mollie: Interesting. You play several roles? Is that right? Many hats.

Kim: Many hats and many wigs. Most of the characters happen in his mind, his mother, a drunk at his door when he is a frightened child. Then there are two characters that take place in real time.

Mollie: How is that for an actor? You have to changing your persona and your outfit to go back out there, right?

Kim: I say a little mantra for each character and i go through a little mental thing for each character before i step on stage to help me get into my body and into the specific person.

Todd: It opens this Friday, Friday the 13th, which is a lucky day for us! It runs through the 22nd for two weekends. You can get tickets at our website stagewestiowa.com there is a parking lot next to the theater between 9th and 8th you enter from mulberry.

Mollie: Very easy, and then go to dinner afterwards to talk about it.