StageWest Announces 20th Anniversary Season for 2016/2017

2016-2017 StageWest Season

20th Anniversary Season


Hand to GodSeptember 9-18, 2016

Iowa Premiere

By Robert Askins 

The Story: After the death of his father, meek Jason finds an outlet for his anxiety at the Christian Puppet Ministry, in the devoutly religious, relatively quiet small town of Cypress, Texas. Jason’s complicated relationships with the town pastor, the school bully, the girl next door, and—most especially—his mother are thrown into upheaval when Jason’s puppet, Tyrone, takes on a shocking and dangerously irreverent personality all its own. HAND TO GOD explores the startlingly fragile nature of faith, morality, and the ties that bind us.
2014 Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best New Play
2015 Tony Award Nomination for Best Play
“HAND TO GOD is so ridiculously raunchy, irreverent and funny it’s bound to leave you sore from laughing. Ah, hurts so good.” —New York Daily News


Ugly Lies the BoneNovember 11-20, 2016 Iowa Premiere

By Lindsey Ferrentino 

The Story: Newly discharged soldier Jess has finally returned to her Florida hometown. She brings with her not only vivid memories of Afghanistan, but painful burns that have left her physically and emotionally scarred. Jess soon realizes that things at home have changed even more than she has. Through the use of virtual reality video game therapy, she builds a breathtaking new world where she can escape her pain. As Jess advances farther in the game, she begins to restore her relationships, her life and, slowly, herself.
2014 Woodward/Newman Drama Award
2015 Laurents/Hatcher Special Citation of Excellence
2015 Kilroy’s List
“Powerful. Uncommonly compelling depiction of not merely recovery but also repentance and renewal. Transformative and exhilarating” TheatreMania
“A bracing drama that confronts an achingly topical issue with hardheaded honesty and admirable compassion. Lindsey Ferrentino is a brave playwright and a writer of dauntless conviction.” – The New York Times


Marjorie PrimeJanuary 13-22, 2017

Iowa Premiere

By Jordan Harrison 

The Story: It’s the age of artificial intelligence, and 85-year-old Marjorie — a jumble of disparate, fading memories — has a handsome new companion who’s programmed to feed the story of her life back to her. What would we remember, and what would we forget, if given the chance? In this richly spare, wondrous new play, Jordan Harrison explores the mysteries of human identity and the limits — if any — of what technology can replace.
“Jordan Harrison’s elegant, thoughtful and quietly unsettling drama… keeps developing in your head, like a photographic negative, long after you have seen it…At some point, you realize that it’s been landing skillfully targeted punch after punch, right where it hurts.” – The New York Times
“Marjorie Prime…is primarily concerned with something eternal:  the way our humanity is shaped and warped by the mysterious ebbs and flows of memory.” – Los Angeles Times


January Workshop/Scriptease of SEED a new play by Scott Bradley January 31, 2017


August Osage CountyMarch 3-19, 2017        

By Tracy Letts

A Joint Production with Repertory Theatre of Iowa 

The Story: After the disappearance of her husband Beverly, Violet’s family comes together to comfort her in her time of need. However, this reunion of family is anything but wholesome and soothing.  In her large and hot home in rural Oklahoma, family secrets, addictions, and tension boil to the surface. This is a major American play that unflinchingly—and uproariously—exposes the dark side of the Midwestern American family.
2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
2008 Tony Award for Best Play
2008 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play
2008 New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play
2008 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Broadway Play
“Packed with unforgettable characters and dozens of quotable lines, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is a tensely satisfying comedy, interspersed with remarkable evocations on the cruelties and (occasional) kindnesses of family life.” NY Sun


HirMay 12 – 21, 2017

Iowa Premiere

By Taylor Mac

The Story: After his tour of duty in the Middle East, Isaac comes home to a dirty house, a brother instead of a sister, and a mother on a warpath. Isaac’s mother, Paige and brother Max has paved a new road for themselves after his abusive father Arnold has suffered a stroke. Isaac attempts to reclaim structure in a household that refuses to be tamed. Hir confronts what it is to live in a new world when one is stuck to the past.
“Perhaps no play this year inspired a greater sense of awe than Taylor Mac’s audacious dive into the dysfunctional-family playpen of American theater.”The New York Times
“Hir challenges expectations on every level except that of providing engrossing entertainment, which it does to a remarkable degree.”San Francisco Chronicle


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