Win in Valorant: The Top 3 Flankers Are Out!

Win in Valorant: The Top 3 Flankers Are Out!

You can beat your opponents and win in Valorant. Are you ready? Learning how to flank is often the key to victory because it lets you catch your enemies off guard and change the course of the fight. This guide shows you the best three agents at getting around guards—Valorant’s best flankers. Come with us as we talk about their separate skills, strengths, and why they deserve to be in the top three. Get ready to make your game more exciting and become the best flanker ever!

Win in Valorant: Phoenix: The Hot Flanker

Phoenix does so well because of his fire skills that he is the third-best flanker in Valorant. Run it Back, his final move, and the flashing Curveball work together to do a lot of damage and catch enemies off guard. Getting important knowledge and scoring frags with his ultimate is the most important thing here. Because of this, Phoenix’s wings lose their edge, which means he’s not the best choice.

Agent Pros:

  • Run it Back tells you useful things and brings you back to your ultimate spot fully healed.
  • Phoenix can do a lot of good sides when he combines Curveball with his ultimate.

Choose Phoenix if

  • Any map is fun for you to flank.
  • You know how important it is to handle Phoenix’s ultimate ability well.

Omen: The Strange Threat

The second spot on our list goes to Omen, whose strong blind can be used to see things. This blind from far away can go through walls, which changes the way turning is done. It’s hard for enemies to guess what Omen is doing with Shrouded Step, smokes, and his cross-map teleport ultimate. Mastering his skills takes skill, but the payoff can put your team in a great situation to win the round.

Agent Pros:

  • Every one of Omen’s skills helps him flank effectively.
  • Omen is a great defender just because of how strong Paranoia is.
  • Omen’s skills work well together, so his enemies are always guessing what he will do next.

Choose Omen if

  • For every area, you want a Controller that is fair.
  • With Omen, you need to have a lot of knowledge and be creative to win.

Win in Valorant: Jett: The Quick Killer

Jett says he is the best flanker in Valorant and takes the throne. Jett is a powerful agent who is known for being able to move around more than any other agent. Her smokes have recently been improved, making her more useful. She is now thought to be one of the best duelists. Even though she’s hard to learn, she is the best flanker because she can kill anyone, move quickly, and use the deadly Blade Storm ultimate.

Agent Pros:

  • Jett is the Valorant spy who can move around the most.
  • Can fight many enemies at once and has lightning-fast reactions.

Choose Jett if

  • You’re ready to put in the work to get good at a tough agent.
  • You want to use her unique skills in a variety of ways to defeat the enemy team.

After everything is said and done, these three spies are the best at flanking in Valorant. Each one has its own set of skills and ways to play, giving players interesting chances to surprise and beat their opponents. These agents will definitely take your flanking game to the next level, whether you like the fiery style of Phoenix, the mysterious style of Omen, or the quick moves of Jett. Have fun flanking with SLOT SERVER THAILAND!